Opinion | Opinie 17/02/2010

With a friend I visited a church in London, beautiful building and all, but one thing upset us so much that we ended up not donating any money nor eating in its refectory.

Praying helps. Really.

There was a small sign on one of the walls, next to a map of Zimbabwe, saying something along the lines of “Our prayers are with Zimbabwe, may its people not be hungry, may its leaders change, bla bla yadda yadda bla.”

We later passed through another part of the church where a meeting was held “to secure major donors”.

I have little to say about this, apart from that it is one of the things that make me sick of churches and religion. How can you sit there and feel all smug and happy with yourself, because you’re praying for another country?! And if you really think that it makes one jot of a difference, then why do you bother having a meeting to get money from donors? Praying should suffice. Try it.

True, this church does raise money for Zimbabwe too, for “humanitarian” aid. Except that that aid is handed out under control of the Anglican church and the money is used in part for “pastoral work”. Hardly a no-strings-attached form of aid then. Bread in one hand, the bible in the other.


I did feel bad afterwards for not donating any money to the church. So, last night, I prayed for five minutes for the church, that they may receive lots of money. I’m sure they agree with me that that was a good thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Opinion | Opinie 17/02/2010

  1. I understand your sentiments and general cynicism. Prayer can be a useful tool when combined with genuine action.

    Whether you believe in the agency of some kind of higher power or not, the act of focusing your thoughts on the virtues of compassion and love can act like a positive affirmation to do more in your life for others.

  2. I am praying for you right now, so that your prayer might work! :P

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