Opinion | Opinie 09/02/2010

And keep frigging religion out of justice, too!

What is wrong with this country lately!? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way).

Religion is not only overbearing in politics, now it’s also invading the courts of justice. A judge – well let’s be honest, not just any judge, but the wife of “Teflon” Tony Blair, of whom we all now how good he was at keeping religion and politics apart *cough*COUGH*cough* – gave a suspended sentence to a suspect, apparently giving as a reason that he was religious and “therefore” knew that he was wrong.

Oh for fuck’s sake!

That is utterly unacceptable. The law does not concern itself with religion; so in court, everyone should be judged without regard of their religion (or absence thereof). Having a religion cannot seriously be held as a mitigating circumstance (if anything, it should make it worse – If you’re religious, you should know better! Haven’t you read your bible/kuran/whaevvah?!).

What’s next? “Oh I see you’re one of these immoral atheists. Clearly you have no idea of right and wrong. I’ll give you an extra year in prison to give you the chance to convert” (that’s not just a joke; over 75% of prisoners in the UK have a religion). Or conversely, muslims could get longer sentences (instead of shorter ones like in this case; the suspect we’re talking about was islamic) for having the wrong religion. And even better, let’s stop punishing religious people at all, because God will punish them in the afterlife, so that should sort them out.

Teh stupid, it hurts.


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