The West Pier

is partly gone! Oh my!

They’ve removed everything but the “main hall”. I feel sad – I suppose not even half as sad as some Brightonians who have seen the Pier decay through two blazes and several storms… I got this sad yet amusing photograph off it:

A fond farewell, or: no words minced

The note on the right reads:

Good Bye West Pier

No longer will we look forward to spring tides and a chance to visit the Pavilion again.

Now a romantic ruin made Disney wreck.

Oh the ignomony [sic].

The note on the left is quite more straightforward:

Fuck you Mary Mears[*] and the council.

Gotta love the people of Brighton!

Incidentally, I’ve decided these two are my Quotes of the Month. Hurray!

[*Brighton council leader, MV]

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