Opinion | Opinie 07/02/2010

OK it’s about time… to thank all my friends at my ex-lab for the wonderful presents I got upon my leaving. You know who you are!

Of course it’s not really about the presents; it’s about the great times I had with them (you), friendships I made, bad times we’ve gone through together… I suppose “lived life” is the word to use.

Thank you!

In no particular order sort-of clockwise: an inflatable perfect woman (so far, no complaints indeed); a note pad and Brighton coaster; assorted Belgian beers; a “ring for sex” bell that I suspect is broken OR has an unbelievable delay :-( ; Power Grid (Funkenschlag), one of the best board games around!; a Jessops gift card with an unknown amount of money on it (reportedly around £40,-, amazing!); my farewell card; a book to help me change my career and find a new job; a photo wall clock; a photo album of all fun things we did last year or so; I <3 Brighton bag (so true!); and Puerto Rico, another one of the best board games around.


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