Opinion | Opinie 06/02/2010

Shitloads to write about regarding the insane media coverage of the “climate hoax” by the IPCC, but too little time. Instead, I turn to photography for today’s opinion:

It’s bloody difficult to do macro photography handheld :(!

Even image stabilisation doesn’t help despite the sunshine. I ended up shooting around 20 shots of small berries that were all blurred – ISO 800 (didn’t want to go lower because of noise), f/19 (trade-off between depth-of-field – still not a lot at such close distance – and sharpness (diffraction limitation) and a shutter speed of around 1/10 – 1/45. It just didn’t work very well; in the end all the shots that worked were from greater distance, with the accompanying increased DOF.

Update with images! A selection that has survived my overly critical eye…


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