Opinion | Opinie 04/02/2010

Wow, the pope reads my blog… what else explains his attack on proposed British equality legislation?

So I am forced to repeat:

Keep yer freggin religion out of politics!

Even more so if it’s the politics of a democratic foreign nation; it’s a bit rich coming from someone leading an institution that isn’t really quite democratic.

I don’t feel like beating a dead horse here, most reasonable people in the media have already slammed the pope down hard – rightfully so. It does highlight the necessity to get rid of the Bishops in the House of Lords. This affair has made clear what strange effects it can produce:


A non-democratically elected bloke in another country can single-handedly use his equally non-democratically elected puppets in the British House of Lords to block or support legislation that affects around 60 million people. Think about that for a minute (longer should not be necessary).

Words do not exist to point out how enormously WRONG that is.

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