Small (4)

A long time ago, in a galaxy…
…full stop.

I started a series called Small, but due to time pressure gave up after three installments. Now, it is back!

I present you the – in my humble opinion – the single most humbling image ever produced. This is as close as you’ll get to a Total Perspective Vortex in the real world!

Here, on the excellent Hubble site, you can download the humongous (60 MB of JPEG at 6200×6200) original file; below is a somewhat smaller version.


Just let the sheer size of this sink in, slowly…: in a single patch of the sky only the size of one-tenth of the diameter of the full moon, there are these thousands of galaxies. Each of these galaxies contains billions of stars. Everything about this image instills humility and a sense of wonder, greatness, and gratitude (disclaimer – this is not a religious claim; it’s general gratitude to no-one or nothing in particular) to be here and be able to admire this universe.

Behold Hubble Telescope’s Ultra Deep Field!


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