Does it?

A little test for you all – spot the two differences.

Picture A

Look carefully!

Picture B

Can you see the differences?

Solution below the fold!

Yes OK duh. What I did was a combination of practicality – I never use fridge magnets – and cynicism.

Both the disappeared magnets were presents from my ex (actually that third one is, too, but as it’s less offensive it has survived – for now). The hearts, well, I need not explain why I chucked that one. The other:

True or false?

Does amor really vincit omnia?

Well, this certainly wasn’t the case between me and that gf, who proceeded to split up with me (much like it hadn’t been the case between me and my previous gf who had broken up with me). Or, as my next gf said: “maybe it wasn’t true love then” – before she also split up with me.

So, into the bin with that bloody quotation. If it some day turns out to be true, I’ll buy it again.

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