Opinion | Opinie 14/01/2010

I hate that bloody chauvinism

Tens of thousands dead on Haiti, possibly a hundred thousand. And what do the Dutch newspapers think is important?

“There are currently twenty Dutch living in Haiti and another eighteen are on holiday. Four Dutch are accounted for.”

“Many thousands, including a large number of foreigners, are still missing.”

Well, you know what, I don’t find that important at all. Why is it so important to know about the foreigners? Similar to the Christmas tsunami of five years back, when the news was full of “this-and-this many Western tourists have died” – usually this being a few hundred amidst thousands of locals.

I don’t get it. Why should I find it worse that ten Dutch may have died than to hear about the thousands of local people? We’re all humans, all the victims are humans, and it doesn’t matter one jot what passport they happen to have.


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