Opinion | Opinie 13/01/2010

In praise of seventies rock

It’s back to music for a little… I will restrain myself otherwise this will be way too long. I can always come back later.

Queen! The Who!

My recent discovery of Spotify led me to even more albums of these bands that I really liked. Queen’s Jazz and The Who’s Live in Leeds.

Jazz is pure fun as only Queen could do, theatrical, over-the-top, self-indulgent… superb entertainment. Shame I didn’t listen to Jazz earlier, but I gave up after listening to News of the World which I found quite disappointing (Spread Your Wings being a particular peeve of mine). But all is forgiven now. The uncredibly silly Mustapha sets the tone and this is followed by Queen classics as Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, Don’t Stop Me Now and my current favourite Let Me Entertain You. Seriously (well…), how can anyone not like a song that has lines like these: “I’ve come here to sell you my body / I can show you some good merchandise” while rhyming  “I’ll pull you and I’ll pill you” with “I’ll Cruella-de-ville you”, no?

Live in Leeds as a whole still has to grow on me, quite a few songs there I don’t know, but some are just so kick-ass, so aggressive, loud, in-your-face… Substitute, Amazing Journey, Summertime Blues and Magic Bus are my current highlights. “Substitute you for my mom, at least i’ll get my washing done.”

Bonus vids:


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