Opinion | Opinie 05/01/2010


At Schiphol airport, bodyscans will be installed to counter terrorism. The UK is to follow.

That’s all just political opportunism, caused by herd bleating behaviour. The frightened people “demand action” (they don’t have a clue what to want, though). The politicians, fearing next election, “act” (they don’t have a clue what to do, though). The net result: more money wasted on expensive counter-terror measures, more freedom limited, and more incompetent politicians re-elected by clueless fuckwits. Great.

Not a single plane will be prevented from being blown up by these scanners: Too many airports will not have them; the recent attack was done via a transfer flight from fuckin’ Lagos. How big are the chances of Africa plugging every exit gate with a body scan? Sorry, no bets taken. Explosives – or other devices – can be hidden from these scanners. Et cetera.

More importantly, there are so many other nice targets that are not protected by body scanners. This is a newspaper article in Dutch pointing out the obvious:  that high-speed trains are unchecked. Bridges are a good target – resistance in WWII knew that. And you don’t need to fly a plane into a skyscraper to bring the building down.

But as long as witless people let themselves be frightened by virtually non-existent threats, opportunist politicians will abuse this fear to strengthen their own control on society, limiting our freedom more than any terrorist could ever achieve, while simultaneously ensuring their own re-election.

How fucking stupid is that!?

(this entry is part of a new series of daily opinions, alternately in Dutch or English, on various topics that I care about)


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