Out with the old, in with the new

So… a quick look back at 2009 in the dying hours of the year.

The main question at times like these is always:

Was 2009 a good year?

Well… for ’09 that’s more difficult to answer than usual. Recent years were easier: 2005, utter crap; 2006, yeah…fairly good; 2007 – another difficult one, mostly crap but with a great end; 2008, pretty crap and downhill all the way through, but 2009… hmmm…

I guess adding stuff up separately it’s gotta end up “good” in the balance, but it is a mixed bag. Work went further downhill, but then I quit my job, so… is that good or bad? I don’t know yet, really. Probably good. Personally it has got to be a good year, despite a few nagging dips. I made more and better friends than, well, ever before, and had more fun with them than, well, ever before! (if you read this: you know who you are :-)! ).

So a tentative, hesitant thumbs-up for 2009. Yay!

What about 2010?

Well, not expecting much for 2009 worked, so I’ll keep that for this year. It will be a year with more changes than I’ve had for a while, and that will be both stimulating and frightening (more of the former I think, though). I’m sure I’ll manage. And to answer the question put at the start of this year – overall I was more pleasantly surprised than proved right. Hurray!

“Good intentions”? Yes – I definitely want to keep having the fun I’m having; I want to develop and learn (Russian! Website design! Adobe Photoshop!); oh and I’d like to find a job :P.

More specifically I want to upkeep this blog a lot more, and write more opinionated stuff (also because it generates intrest :P), and I want to keep developing my photography (whilst keeping my friends by not talking about it too much!). Oh, and I’d like to find a job.

Happy 2010 to everyone! Have a good one… and see you!

requests as to my good intentions can be posted in the comments :-)


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