X-mas in München

No snow… but nice crispy cold winter weather with almost all blue sky! Well X-mas day itself was cloudy and grey :-( but we just stayed in the hotel.

***** hotel

Did I say hotel? That, our hotel, was pretty cool – what with 5 stars and an indoor pool and jacuzi =o). So what did I do on X-mas day…? See below…

The world is definitely changing if even in Bavaria you find Buddha next to the Bible :-)!

One of the quotes on the wall in the lobby

And that quote will be my quote of the month:

…niemand, der sich selbst Kennenlernt, bleibt so wie er vorher war. – Thomas Mann

You KNOW you're in a posh hotel when... they have especially composed elevator music... :S

X-mas day, outside it's cold and grey, so you head to the pool...

... and to the jacuzi... =D

And a great time was had by all (I guess even more so by the two, obviously gay, guys who remained alone after I left the pool… :-O)

The city

Impressions of the city…

At Karlsplatz

Weinachtsmarkt at Marienplatz (& Neues Rathaus)

If this doesn't make you smile... :-)

OK one of my arty-farty pics (at er... Residenz)

People basking in the winter sun...

...and others enjoying a -rather good!- chamber ensemble

The lake was partly frozen over

That lake is the Kleinhesseloher See in the Englischer Garten.

Can I offer you a Jägermeister, sir...? (" 'n Jägermeister, m'neer?")

Feldherrnhalle (at Odeonsplatz) by night

LOTS more below the fold! Click there… ish

Das Deutsche Museum

The only museum we went, was nice but a bit, idunno, uneven, in their choice of exhibits. I mean, seriously – 50 model glider planes?! And a separate section on sport plane engines 1925-1939 with half a dozen specimen? A separate section, in between WWI planes and airships, on kites? Vot vere zese guys sinking?! But at the same time for instance  zero warship models after WWII (but quite a few up-to-and-including WWII; then again not the Bismarck or the Graf Spee). Anyway, well worth going – if only because the section on space IS very interesting and comprehensive. Although again the inclusion of rocket sleds, however funny, was a bit “aaahm-yeah, sure”.

Pretty nice - it's not a clock - it's a barometer (with a thermometer underneath)

Slightly messy but still full of interesting things

Major Tom...?

Someone can actually ride this thing...

That is pretty crazy if you think about it… building a wooden sled with a couple of rickety skis, make a stupid little leather seat in the front – without seatbelts or windscreen or anything – and, hey, youknowhat? let’s fit it with a few dozen rockets and see what happens. Apparently this thing has done 400 km/h – unmanned… wonder how fast it’s been with a lunatic up front…!?


I especially enjoined the section on genetics XD

(Alfons) Mucha exhibition

That was so good, I should get round to writing a separate entry on it… alas without (my own) photos.


And the inevitable churches :-). We visited the Frauenkirche, which turned out to be a very subdued gothic type – but I think typically German/middle European in its whitewashed walls. Otherwise not as extravagant as I’ve seen, but then again, it’s pretty damned old – built just before/around 1500!

Mostly white

The obligatory stained glass photo

Not suitable for children (as if anything religious is :p)

Hey waitaminute... isn't that the same guy...!?

Better safe than sorry

OK so that photo is actually not so bad…it’s atmospheric and nice lighting ‘n’ all that… but unfortunately it doesn’t show the reason I took it! That box before the candles is a money box for €0,50 coins, OK? I noticed the WHOPPING BIG PADLOCK attached to it… I don’t think I need to add any  comments there, you can do it yourselves… (the keyword to me was “overkill” but other options are “trust” “return of investment” and suchlike :-) ).

Then, on the parting Monday, I went also into the Theatinerkirche, a baroque church. Unfortunately lacking one of the best things about baroque churches – groovy, sugary, lavish… pastel paint :-)! This one is just very much white, except the outside of course (well OK I got no suitable picture but it is yellow). Well it’s got the statues and carvings and frills (and a pretty dome) so I can’t compain too much.


I liked the light

A little colour in one corner


OK, a little boasting about that last photo – it’s completely uncropped. Note the perfect outlining *pats himself on back*. OK enough of that already.

Then we came back…

by ICE :-)

Lego still kicks ass

1 thought on “X-mas in München

  1. Looks like you had a fab one. Love the church photos – especially the first one and the stained glass. Also the lego – ever seen all mine around my desk or my lego lunch box? x

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