Surfing in München

This was so… weird, cool, strange, amazing, that I thought it deserves its own post. (Well that AND I got a few photos that I can show off separately now, otherwise they’d be crammed in with the others in the main post :p).

Where? What? How?

OK so I noticed (just now ) that Wikipedia actually mentiones this quite extensively. So, this is it:

There’s this stream going through the Garten, the Eisbach, and where it is pumped into the park there’s a standing wave. And people surf, and canoe, on that.

Got me some spectacular photos, good practice for action shooting :-). (see below fold)

So yes, obviously, it is not allowed, technically...

…although you could argue that it is the swimming that is not allowed. Not sure German cops have that sense of humour though.

Looks pretty spectacular!

He gotz da skillz...


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