More fun with spider & macro lens

Yeah well what do you do when a spider suddenly sits on your wall?
Grab your camera, put the macro lens on, get the flash out… and start shooting!

Fortunately the spider was either patient, stupid, or blind (unlikely with all these eyes) and just sat there for half an hour while I snapped & flashed away. Pretty cool photos I think…

The star of the session

  (click on them to enlarge – at your own risk…!)

A little closer up

Just look at these fangs*! (*or whatever these are)


Can see the eyes really well here

Can't get much closer than this

Bonus photo :-)

All these photos were (obviously) taken with a Sony A700 camera and a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro lens, using a Sony HVL42AM flash used wireless (see the direction of the shadows). Aperture priority at 13 or 16, shutter speed automatically set to 1/250s (for the flash), ISO 400.

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