Helping a little (by doing nothing)

Use those processors!

Since a few weeks, my computer isn’t idling anymore whenever I am idling. (This in itself is bad – it encourages me to just sit back and do nothing). Instead, it is putting its Core Duo whatever gigahertz processor and 3 GB of RAM to good use via the computing grid projects of


Without going into details, it means that whenever I do nothing for a bit, the computer either does Malaria research, does a search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, or runs a climate prediction.

BOINC - find those alien signals! SETI@home

The weather forecast, but different - Climate prediction


So I can feel all smug about myself whenever ET calls, malaria is eradicated off the face of the Earth, or when the Earth heats up a few degrees – with all these computers running BOINC, using electricity, emitting CO2 surely global warming becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy ;-)?!


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