Brighton Sea Life

A brief pictorial impression; click on the images in the gallery to enlarge.

(Photographic nerdiness; well in the semi-dark of an aquarium I would be nowhere without the gaping wide aperture of my 50mm f/1.7 lens – helped by in-body image stabilisation [is that a stab at Canikon? it might be])

To add a written impression as well; better than expected, the building is classic, makes you feel like your time-travelling back to the Victorian days. Most fish species are not terribly exotic or rare, but they are diverse, ranging from sturgeon via (the obligatory) rays and clownfish to spotted eels. I was positively surprised by the large number of conservation projects supported by Sea Life – very nice indeed.

Realising they support the “good causes” helps to understand the steep, IMO, entry price of nearly £15; they are not just feeding the fishes from that! Still, we were glad to have a 50% discount :p (hey, I’m Dutch, you know!).

We spent a good 2 hours inside, taking our time but also not looking at every little thing in great detail. So you could stretch it to 3 hours if you tried, which is a lot more than we were “fearing” beforehand. In summary, if you can get the discount (we got one from Pinocchio’s restaurant; 50% for up to 4 people, offer ends, I think, end of 2009) and go there, you will not regret it!

And now without further ado, the photos.


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