Impressions of Holland – 2: Amsterdam

Then my dad and I visited Amsterdam, specifically to go to the Hermitage spinoff. No photos there I’m afraid :-(. Just the first one down here was taken in the courtyard. Apart from that, just a nice series of impressions of autumny Amsterdam.

However to keep showing my photographic geekiness, these were the first non-macro photos taken with my new Tamron 90mm lens! It’s great!


Autumnal reflections



If you can't hear it, you sure can see it


Bike to match


Guirlande des fleurs 1


Guirlande des fleurs 2


Capturing the leaves


OK, so who drew that blueprint!?

3 thoughts on “Impressions of Holland – 2: Amsterdam

  1. Is die laatste foto niet gewoon vervormd door je lens :-P ?

  2. Kijk uit lelijkerd of je gaat in de spamlijst :-P

    @lovebug: ta :-)

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