The Macro has landed!

From telezoom… to macro

Alright… for a long time I was sure that any next lens I would buy would be a replacement telezoom, as I was not entirely happy with the antique Tamron 70-300 that I have.

However, bad as it may be, it takes images (duh), that are useable especially after post-processing. I also don’t use it all that often anyway (realistically I used it twice in a year, plus one occasion where I should have used it).

Furthermore, I realised that replacing it with a somewhat better lens such as the newest version of the same Tamron, or an equivalent Sigma or Sony, wasn’t going to help me much. So I decided to buy the superior Sony 70-300G – which however is expensive, and as I said, not very necessary. This is now officially a mid-term plan (with the slight possibility of it becoming my birthday present to myself).

Meanwhile I found that I increasingly liked to take macro photos, well, with the lenses I have it is more what I call “pseudo-macro” because I can’t get really close and need to crop a lot. Also, I wanted a “tool” to use when outside it is raining but inside I want to take some photos. Enter, a macro lens!

To cut a long story short, I bought the Tamron 90mm (SP AF  Di… well, see for yourself on the box:). And I LOVE it already!

Welcome to my life Tamron (after The Who)

Welcome to my life Tamron (after The Who)

As it happens, the combination of focal length, wide aperture (f/2.8) and sharpness make this double as an excellent portrait lens – and portraits are one area in which I, well, not necessarily SUCK, but feel very uncomfortable. So another good reason to get out more and get some people in front of the lens!
Anyway the long and short of it I am really looking forward to using this beauty… hopefully I’ll find time to post the results here! (for a first taster, see here)

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