Another session of stargazing…!

And of course, took a few photos of the sky :-)!

The first two are easily the most interesting, the moon setting over Brighton’s Palace Pier with the lighting working out really nice – and lots of detail in the moon, craters and all. Also the moons of Jupiter, never thought that my old and crappy 70-300mm Tamron could manage – barely, but it counts!

The other three images are a bit more, well, simple, they just show a bit of stars, constellations. I also had photos of Lyra but one of them was (motion-)blurred, the other unsharp. That lens is very very temperamental still… but changing it is not worth the effort. I am looking forward however to receiving my 90mm f/2.8 Tamron… that should be one arse-kicking lens for stargazing pictures!


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