Whaling, against; music

With apologies for the unwieldy title… but I can’t think of something catchy for

 You know Heath Ledger, the dead actor? Well he was against whaling. And then there was this American indie band called Modest Mouse, and they made an anti-whaling song. And then Heath Ledger was busy directing the video clip to go with that song, but he died before he finished it. So now a bunch of film-makers and artists have completed the clip. It is released on YouTube (* see below) and iTunes and if you buy it off iTunes, all the profits will go to Sea Shepherd.

If you think you can make that into a catchy yet accurate title, you are a better copywriter than I am. (The headline as featured by the Grauniad “Heath Ledger’s anti-whaling music video released online” is somewhat catchy – well, upon re-reading I think it is not – and it is inaccurate. So they couldn’t, either)

Hurray for Sea Shepherd (soon to feature as Charity of the Month! just waiting for someone to write a promotional piece), hurray for Heath Ledger, and hurray for, well, everyone else involved in this project, although I’d never heard of any of them :-).


2 thoughts on “Whaling, against; music

  1. Welcome to my blog, my dear :-)! A pleasure to see you – I am honoured :-).

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