London to Brighton bicycle ride

Last week (the 21st of June) was this annual ride that I keep missing because it’s quite early in Summer… I always expect it to be like, the end of July. So I will say – again: next year!

It did give me a nice opportunity to take photos and use it as a practise session for panning and motion blur :-). Especially motion blur is tricky with the low speed of the bikes, and the sunny weather (yeah yeah even complaining when the weather is nice I know I know…). Fortunately, at the right moment the sun was partly covered by thin clouds. Squeezing the aperture to minimum, and dropping the ISO to 100*

*A nice thing trick you can do with the α700 is that it’s base ISO is 200, but it will go down to 100 if you want it to. This will not make the photos any worse, and de facto gives you a one-stop neutral gray filter.

So I did a few normal shots and a few blurred shots, and enjoyed myself a lot both in the process and looking back at them :o)!


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