Fortune egg

During my recent visit to Holland, my friends gave me a replacement for my fortune egg.

Pale old (left); new (right)

Pale old (left); new (right)

According to some Easter tradition, eggs are boiled with leaves wrapped around them. The first time I got one of these eggs, a new element had been added to this tradion: the leaves were wrapped to the eggs using a torn-up old T-shirt of the boyfriend of one of the girls who made the eggs. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t made it into the tradition proper – yet.

However that original egg was made, it did work: it brought luck to my house (that’s what they’re meant to do). Well, it didn’t collapse, get flooded, didn’t burn down and didn’t get burglarised. The house did develop moist problems but I suppose this falls outside of the powers of the egg. I wasn’t spared any problems personally, either, but then the egg is only meant to bring luck to the house, not its inhabitant. So I guess I really can’t complain.

Despite it functioning well, I’m glad I now got a replacement. For one, it looks better; the old one was really getting pale. Maybe it is also more powerful, although it hasn’t been wrapped in the torn shirt of the husband.

The ancient tradition also demands you bury the old egg in your garden. This I refuse to do; my garden is messy enough as it is and I don’t need the smell of rotten egg added to the mix. Although maybe an egg plant would grow out of it (ha ha ha… :-/). In any case, for the next few years I can feel assured that my house is again well-protected and fortunate. Now all I really need is to find a pro-human equivalent of this egg…

Out with the old, in with the new!
Out with the old, in with the new!

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