More astrophotography (it’s even kewler!)

Quick links to yesterday’s photos on my Flickr (more later).

I hope this is right – impossible to see these stars with all the light around my screen (yes, it is VERY sunny right now!)

A new photo of Orion (without much effort, did one last time).

The head of Leo (Lion) with Regulus at the bottom.

Saturn lingering below the body of Leo (Lion).

Really nice: the Beehive cluster!

And also pretty cool: Sirius over Brighton Pier – love the way the exposure turns out perfectly matched :-).

I do want to briefly mention just how bloody simple these photos are to get: A DSLR; a simple 50mm prime lens with aperture at 1.7 or 2.0 and manually focussed on infinity; a tripod – but in reality, anything to put the camera on stably will do; ISO at 400 – nothing special; and a two-second exposure. Nothing more. Unbelievable.

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