Charity of the Month 2: the Great Daffodil appeal

Back for more!

Back for more!

So continuing on from my earlier charity of the day, the Great Daffodil Appeal now features as Charity of the Month – the second for February. I’m feeling generous :p.

 The personal reasons I cited before for this charity being important to me are as follows (briefly): my mom died of cancer in 2005, and in her last few months she received great palliative care and spent as good a time as possible in a hospice. So I have seen how important that type of work is – it can’t all be of the ‘Great Important Curing Cancer Forever’ type, however necessary that work (too) is. The people, nurses, who do that work, are dedicated, experienced, patient, and cannot be praised enough.

Back for more!


And even though my mom of course received the Dutch equivalent of this care, I now happen to be here in the U.K. – so I’m donating to the British charity who supports it. I should also mention here that my dad (for reasons that need no further explaining) is doubling my contribution. Good stuff.

I know it’s not a very fancy or high-profile charity, but they are worthy!


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