How it started. What? My metal addition!

So yes, I am a metalhead. I really like METAL. Not all of it, I don’t eat drink and breath it, and I like many many other things music great and small. But metal has a special place in my pitchblack evil heart MWUHAHAHA >:-)..!!

As with most personality disorders, it all comes down to my youth. More specifically, being exposed at a young age to suchlike music as I will now post. I blame my mother, who despite NOT being a metalhead, DID like her rock to be hard and mean, sometimes. She also totally liked the Queen of the 70’s, in particular We Will Rock You – Queen is worth a separate post later, as is Black Sabbath. I’m including Paranoid anyway because… well, because it’s GREAT! And it is in a way a song atypical for ‘Sab: short and fast. So it doesn’t count, really. Sort of.

But it’s the riffing of these guys that planted the seeds in my weak impressible young mind that later led to my addiction to the really foul stuff. Here’s a triple treat for all of you!

And as they say (do they?): thank you, mom!


One thought on “How it started. What? My metal addition!

  1. Sabbath live is the BEST!! Seen them twice – love them forever.

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