Featured video clip: Zidler’s Rap

moulin-rougeBy some curious coincidence – but coincidences don’t exist! – I had looked up this clip from Moulin Rouge (the movie) just days before I happened to see the entire movie again – for the first time since I saw it in cinema in what, 2001?

It remains the highpoint of the movie for me – which is a shame because it is almost at the very start of it so it’s downhill for a long time in a way – none of the other set pieces get near this one as far as invention and energy go.

But this bit, Zidler’s Rap, blew me away when I saw it the first time – this extraordinary lively mix of three, four (five? seven? a dozen??) contemporary songs, combined with all the dancing, shouting, rapping and leg-tossing, really captures the atmosphere you’d expect to find in the Moulin Rouge. And historical accuracy, my ass indeed.

Enough blather already, now go watch (pity the quality isn’t great but hey, good excuse to get the real thing):


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