Snow in Sussex!

Yeah! It’s great! It’s white! It’s more than four inches!

It’s SNOOOOOOWWW!!!111oneoneone

Nobody even bothers trying to clear the roads or running buses. Or going to work. Slightly odd but hey, I don’t mind. It looks great.

Very few people in the lab, too – just a few diehards. One actually managed to drive his car here, someone else walked from the other side of the Downs. Madness? Or dedication? Who knows – who cares. The view from my desk is absolutely to die for, that’s what matters.

I put the photos I took along the way (I walked, of course) on Flickr already (around 80, not that many, haha) – all unedited but this is LIVE ACTION as it is happening :p. Photos are here

Your intrepid reporter on Sussex Uni, Falmer site.


2 thoughts on “Snow in Sussex!

  1. Sucker!
    Ogen uitsteken, eikel! En wij maar klooien met dit saaie weer hier… 0 graden en geeneens regen, laat staan sneeuw.

  2. i guess im one of the diehards, but it was worth going to uni the campus looked beautiful!

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