Sightsavers revisited

Thank you

sight-savers-logoSometimes institutions surprise you. Sightsavers did.

After my attempt at vanity on my birthday by donating money to Sightsavers – which failed bacause vanity only works when there’s an audience and I don’t think anybody but me cared, really – I received a thank-you letter. So far so good, they usually do so.
Except this one was clearly not a mass-product for it started with “Thank you for your continued support of Sightsavers and for adding us to your Blog.”

Wow. I mean, wow. Someone actually read the message I posted with my gift – and somebody wrote a letter instead of pressing the ‘print standard letter’ button.

I decided I now like them even more than before!

The info I was looking for

They also included a little folder that neatly sums up the things I wanted to say but couldn’t (was to lazy to type so much). You can read it here:

Sightsavers are great and this is why


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