New blogs in blogroll


From straddling only a few hundred kilometers in northwestern Europe, suddenly… my blogroll spans from 5 and a half hours ahead of GMT to 8 hours behind GMT! Wow. My blogroll is going places (kinda makes me wonder then why I am not… hmmm :S)

My Times in IndiamytimesinIndia

Obviously, this is the blog responsible for the “leap ahead”. As I write it is still rather sparse :p but I’m sure it will take off (I’ll do my bit in nudging its author Tim/Timos to write more ;) ), so I’m sure it is well worth keeping an eye on. It promises (read: ‘I think it will be’ – not anything he author promises, so don’t blame him!) a direct view on life in India (Delhi to be precise), not as a tourist, but as a visiting scientist actually living there. Few of us will have any idea what that looks and feels like. Go Tim!

portland)Karin en Jacob (in Oregon)

The other part of the expansion is due to my longtime friend Karin. I’ve known her since I started an internship with her dad, Jaap… we must be going back to 1997.

So it’s great to see her (finally!?) live in her favourite country, the USA. Not only that, she’s married – how these girls grow up quickly! Fortunately for us she and her husband Jacob have set up a very neat, bilingual blog (I know how you feel guys :-/) to keep everyone back home (or those not really back home like me) informed of how they’re doing. They are in a very pretty part of the USA – Portland, Oregon – and knowing Karin I’m sure they will be able to provide many interesting stories. In a way, they pick up the baton that Steven left them when he left the west coast of the USA last year.

So I hope these blogs will provide you with lots of additional entertainment and isightful stories, next to mine. Please do check them out if you have the time!


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