Charity of the Month: Sightsavers

Give, give, give

It is better to give than to receive. I truly believe it – that’s why I always tell my friends this :p.

Joking aside, I thought my birthday was a good occasion to start another returning feature on my blog: a public, ostentatious, donation to charity (hey come on, I’m vain!). Well it’s not just my vanity it’s also so that I can make a point for the charity in case. I’ll try to donate to a new charity every month or so around the 18th until I run out of charities (which will hopefully take a while!)

sight-savers-logoThe first charity is one I personally am quite fond of: Sight Savers. Most of what I can write about them, you can also read for yourselves on their website, so please do. (I did find that parts of the website are not particularly up-to-date – let’s just be generous and say they spend more time helping people than maintaining their web site!).

Why them?

One major reason I support them is that they manage to do an awful lot of good things in a very cost-effective way. More ‘bang for your buck’, so to say. For instance, this tidbit of info is from their website:

It costs just 5p to protect someone from river blindness for a year

Given that blindness takes somebody virtually completely out of the social and economic life for good, I find it very impressive to be able to prevent this for only 5p. So, once a year, after I have donated my 5p, I … JUST KIDDING!!

Another reason to support them is that they operate on grass-roots level, working directly with villagers – many of whom are volunteering to do the needed tasks. As far as I know, they do not hand their money over to potentially corrupt politicians. This may qualify as neo-colonialism, but it works well.

A final reason is that the support they provide is strongly aimed at being structural, long-term. They teach people what to do to prevent disease wherever possible (instead of just handing out medication post factum), train local teachers so that they can educate blind youngsters ‘forever after’, train local doctors who can then use this knowledge, and pass it on… all very much aimed at building.

Enough of that, now I’m off to donate. Why not join me?

I’ve decided not to say how much I’m donating. On the one hand I think it may come across as truly vain – or leading to the reaction ‘what, THAT LITTLE?!’; on the other hand if I keep mum people may get the impression that I’m giving very little or giving shitloads – which I’m not :p. Either way I could lie about it anyway. So ‘ll just not publish it – it is irrelevant, really. The plugging is what matters.


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